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The Student Regent and the Student Regent-Designate are student representatives on the UC Board of Regents. They are advocates: they take student concerns and student frustration to the Regents and to the UC’s top decision-makers. They are resources: they use their unique access to get information from those decision-makers and put it in the hands of student leaders. They are watchdogs: they attempt to hold the University accountable and work to create student-friendly outcomes.
  • The following article was published in UCSB’s ‘The Bottom Line’ newspaper on January 31, 2012 following the UC Student Regents visit to the campus.

    The Bottom Line- UC Santa Barbara

    UC Student Regents Pay UCSB A Visit

    By Amanda Garcia
    Executive Managing Editor

    University of California Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. and Student Regent-Designate Jonathan Stein stopped by University of California Santa Barbara on Jan. 31 to discuss and promote the UC Student Regent Application process for next year’s regent-designate.

    With students now contributing more financially towards paying for their UC education than the state of California, appointment of the new student regent-designate may garner more attention and scrutiny than ever this year.

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  • Alfredo Mireles Jr. and Jonathan Stein will be visiting all campuses in January and February to meet with students and discuss the application to become the next Student Regent.

    They will be at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday (1/31)

    UC Irvine on Thursday (2/2)

    UCLA on Friday (2/3)

    A more detailed schedule of events can be found on their respective Facebook pages.

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  • If you are a student advocate, love the UC, want to fight for it, and want to make change from the inside (despite occasionally difficult circumstances!) …. apply to be the next Student Regent for the University of California! The selection process takes from February 2012 to June 2012 (give or take a couple weeks) and involves interviews across the state. Any travel will be paid for. The selected student will serve as the Student Regent Designate in 2012-13, and as the Student Regent in 2013-14.

    The application is here. Alfredo Mireles Jr. and Jonathan Stein, the current Student Regent and Student Regent Designate, would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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  • Welcome to the online home of the Student Regents of the UC system. In any given year, the Board of Regents has one voting student representative, known as the Student Regent, and one non-voting student representative, known as the Student Regent-Designate. This year, the Student Regent is Alfredo Mireles, a graduate student getting a masters degree in Health Policy Nursing at UCSF. The Student Regent-Designate is Jonathan Stein, a graduate student getting a masters degree at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and a law degree at Berkeley Law. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • The Student Regents joined 50 Cal Bears and 50 UC Davis Aggies at the Capitol on Wednesday. Together, students swamped the Big Five with phone calls, lobbied key legislative offices, left student-focused advocacy material at approximately 50 offices, and held a rally / press conference on the steps of the Capitol. For more, see the Daily Cal, the UC Berkeley News Center, and the Sacramento Bee.

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  • Student Regent Alfredo Mireles, Jr. and Student Regent-Designate Jonathan Stein met with President Mark Yudof this morning to discuss the student protests occurring across the UC, the recent police violence at UC Berkeley, and the cancellation of this week’s Regents meeting.

    The Student Regent and Student Regent-Designate urged the President to issue a statement reaffirming students’ right to be physically safe and secure when protesting on campus. The President agreed that he would and we expect that statement to be forthcoming. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • The leadership of the Board of Regents has chosen to cancel this week’s Regents meeting. This letter addresses that decision, the recent protests on UC campuses, the continued defunding of public higher education by the State of California, and recent police brutality at UC Berkeley.

    The State of California’s unprecedented and short-sighted divestment from public higher education is a disastrous moral and economic choice. In the short term, it hurts students. In the long term, it will hurt all Californians. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Alfredo Mireles and Jonathan Stein, the Student Regent and Student Regent-Designate respectively, oppose the decision to cancel this week’s Regents meeting. We understand that UCSF law enforcement authorities recommended the meeting be postponed in the interest of public safety. However, students have a right to protest peacefully and make their voices heard forcefully; this action eliminates their opportunity to do that. We would support finding a way for student attendees to exercise their constitutional and moral right to protest while excluding non-student elements that raise the specter of violence and vandalism. We urge students who had made plans to travel to San Francisco for the Regents meeting to travel to Sacramento instead, and make student frustrations known to the state’s ultimate decision-makers.

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