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The Student Regent and the Student Regent-Designate are student representatives on the UC Board of Regents. They are advocates: they take student concerns and student frustration to the Regents and to the UC’s top decision-makers. They are resources: they use their unique access to get information from those decision-makers and put it in the hands of student leaders. They are watchdogs: they attempt to hold the University accountable and work to create student-friendly outcomes.
  • Student Regents to Tour All 10 UC Campuses

    Alfredo Mireles Jr. and Jonathan Stein will be visiting all campuses in January and February to meet with students and discuss the application to become the next Student Regent.

    They will be at UC Santa Barbara on Tuesday (1/31)

    UC Irvine on Thursday (2/2)

    UCLA on Friday (2/3)

    A more detailed schedule of events can be found on their respective Facebook pages.

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